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How safe are you driving?

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Life is busy, not just for us but everyone. Children take it to the next level. Me and my husband both spend our days rushing about and frantically making calls to each to remind each other to pick up the kids, buy a loaf of bread and remember Meme’s dance class. It is non stop, especially now we live a word of technology. A world where you never switch off, you never need to. You can access emails, social media and chat away everywhere, even in the car.

But maybe this is a problem for drivers. There is so much going on that you are not thinking of the task in hand, and that can be deadly. Far too often we can take a business call, explaining tasks to a work colleague, or a call from a friend discussing what to wear for your next night out. You think it’s not a problem as you’re on hands free. Yet, ask yourself, where does your concentration lie. On the road or on the telephone call?

It is scary to think about and we are all guilty of it. Kwik-Fit have recently released a survey on the subject and 19% of the surveyed drivers admitted that they sometimes take calls while driving, 17% admit that they read texts off of their phone and 12% even send texts. It should be noted that these reasons can result in a penalty if the police pull you over and discover what was distracting you.

I find a good way of reducing temptation is to keep your mobile phone in your handbag when driving and put your handbag in the boot. Therefore if it rings or beeps you can’t hear it and couldn’t access it even if you could.

The problem isn’t just limited to mobiles though, Sat Nav’s are another culprit. In a life before Sat Nav I used to always try and print a copy of a map and read the directions before I went on my journey to ensure I had an idea of where I was going. I still try to do this now so, whilst I often still have the sat nav on in the background just in case, I’m not completely reliant on it. I feel this allows me to concentrate on the road more.

How safely are you driving? Test your reaction time on https://www.kwik-fit.com/driven-to-distraction and let me know how you get on.





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