5 Tips for Planning a Sports Vacation in the US

Sport is a big deal in America, and there are an abundant amount of important sporting venues, locations and experiences to be had when planning a trip there. It’s a good idea to plan your vacation based purely on sports, simply because of the sheer amount of great things to see and do in this category.

Here are some tips to best get you in the sporting mood!


  • Play Fantasy League in Preparation 


Planning a sports vacation is an exciting experience. Get yourself in the mood by playing the best simulation sports games, and remind yourself of true legends of the sporting world, such as baseball’s Cy Young, and create a legendary team which you can manage online. Fantasy league sport is an important pastime in America with a huge following.

This is also a great idea for those beginners in the sports world, looking to learn a little more before they head off on their sporting adventure in America, not to mention it’ll get you excited and hyped up to experience sports first hand. It’s also something to play on the plane on the way over there!


  • Watch a Baseball Game in one of the Best Stadiums


Baseball is a beloved and important sport in America, as you probably already know. Attending a baseball game in the USA is certainly one for the bucket list. You’ll want to choose a stadium which offers the best, well-rounded views and great amenities. Do your research before you go to discover which games are playing at which stadiums during the time of your vacation.


  • Sit Close to the Homeplate 



For a live baseball game, the best atmosphere is going to be in the seats close to the Homeplate (the final base), and you’ll want to experience the best atmosphere you can if you want your vacation to be the best it can be! As you can imagine, the final base is where the tension is at its peak. This seating location is also better if you’re a beginner to the sport and need to take a closer look at the relationship between players and how the game works. 



  • Consider College Football


It’s easy to be lured by the huge, well-known games which draw the big crowds, such as the National Football League, but attending a college football game can actually give you a richer, more authentic experience. The huge NFL games can come with in-your-face branded stadiums and highly-priced food and drinks, but college football can provide a more passionate, homely fanbase and a more relaxed atmosphere. College football has a huge traditional and rich history, and this can be a great experience to be had first-hand. 


  • Don’t Pass Up a Tailgate 


Sports fans often cook up their own food and offer beer behind their own parked cars outside sports venues and in carparks. These opportunities can create a great party buzz to get you in the mood for any game!

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