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8 Famous Cities in Indonesia That Are Worth a Visit

Indonesia is one of those far-east Asian destinations that people love to talk and watch videos about, but few actually take the plunge to visit this stunning destination at least once in their life. It’s certainly a spot that we’d add to a bucket list of destinations to visit thanks to the incredible amount of things to do and see.

With varied cuisine types, lots of cultural hotspots, wonderful traditions to take part in and a truly diverse landscape, there’s no shortage of places to visit in Indonesia. So to help get you started, we’ve put together this list of eight Indonesian cities that you absolutely have to visit should you plan a holiday here.


Ubud is arguably the most popular destination on the Indonesian island of Bali. As one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the whole of Indonesia, you’ll find a very laid-back and relaxed atmosphere here thanks to all of the rural scenes and country views. However, Ubud is also the center of Indonesian fine cuisine and modern art thanks to its sprawling growth. If you’re looking for contemporary artists, exotic foods and top-of-the-range entertainment, then Ubud is the destination to be.


You know a destination is a tourist hotspot when it doesn’t just attract overseas visitors, but also domestic tourists! Yogyakarta is a national treasure when it comes to shopping and beaches. With dozens of golden sands to relax on, countless new developments such as hotels to relax in and beautiful underground caverns to explore on the coast, there’s no shortage of fun, excitement and entertainment to be had here.


A huge city that has seen a gradual increase in tourism over the past couple of years, Surabaya has become a tourist hotspot recently due to it being one of the busiest areas in the entire country. Despite its growth, you can still find a cheap Surabaya apartment rental which makes it perfect for visiting as a central hub location where you can plan day trips to Ubud, Jakarta and other nearby Indonesian cities in Java and beyond. It’s also home to one of the busiest ports in eastern Indonesia, making it a popular destination for everything from culture to cuisine.


As the capital of the Papua province, Jayapura is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia thanks to its close proximity to the sea and also because of the dazzling lights and skyline that you can view across the main body of water. Although it’s a stunning city, it’s surrounded by many natural scenes such as forests and mountains which give it the perfect touristy blend of city life and rural tradition.


Located on the coastline of the bay of Ambon, this city is well-known for its breathtaking beach views and extraordinary landscapes. With charming little homes mixed in with green hills, Ambon is arguably one of the most laid-back places to visit in eastern Indonesia. One of the famous sights here is the Merah Putih Bridge located in central Ambon. It makes the trip through Ambon much shorter and is also a beautiful landmark during the night.


A colourful and diverse mix of cultures is what forms the heart of Medan. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire country and contains some of the country’s most gorgeous beaches. Medan has recently seen a huge boom in the tourism sector to bring more visitors to the city and thanks to their efforts, it’s now an incredibly easy part of Indonesia to access. However, it’s the cultural diversity that remains the main attraction of Medan. With a mix of many different backgrounds in the city, it’s arguably one of the more interesting areas of the country to visit.


A bustling modern city with an emphasis on cuisine and fashion, Bandung is one of the hip new locations in Indonesia that is second in size only to the capital, Jakarta. With many unique shopping locations and tourist attractions, you don’t want to miss Bandung as one of the hottest Indonesian destinations to visit.


And of course, we can’t complete this list without giving a mention to Jakarta. It’s the capital of the country so you’d expect to be filled with wonderful touristy destinations, cuisines and cultures. There’s already plenty of information on Jakarta so we’ll keep this section short, but if you want a standard holiday in Indonesia to get used to the country, then Jakarta is the go-to spot.


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