Winning with Boom25

I am a shopper, I always have been. I remember when I was younger and had a little Saturday job, as soon as payday arrived I would hit the shops in excitement. There was no better feeling than pottering around the shops, trying clothes on and treating myself to something special. Now life is a little different, whilst I still love to shop I am a lot more cautious with money and like to get a good deal. I also rarely make it to the shops, with 3 children one being just 2 years of age there is no such thing as leisurely looking around the shops. Thank goodness for online shopping – once the kids are in bed I can happily indulge online for hours.

My sister always talks about how she gets cashback when she buys items online. If you are not familiar with the concept of cashback it is a form of incentive offered to buyers where they receive a cash refund after making their purchase of usually 10 or 15%. Typically, when my sister is raving how amazing it is I always nod along not really fully understanding it, it always seemed too complicated. I also once had a bad experience were I thought I was getting cashback but I was actually signing up to a scheme which cost £15 a month (that will teach me for not reading things properly!) so I was always reluctant to try again.

Then I heard about Boom25 which seems even better!! You actually have the chance to win back the whole of your purchase price. How amazing is that? At first I thought It sounded too good to be true but it’s not. Boom25 is an online portal which partners over 1000 retailers ranging from Clothes and Accessories, Electronics and you can even choose from entertainment brands.

Some of may favourite fashion stores are available on Boom25 too including Topshop, New look, Boden, Ms Selfridge , Marks and Spencer, Converse and Debenhams. My girls are also especially happy that Claire’s Accessories is also one of Boom25 retailers!

So you can pretty much shop for anything!! Even holidays, imagine booking your dream holiday with Tui via Boom25 and then winning the full amount back.

The site is is really easy to use too. First of all you need to set up an account by using an email address (once you have set up an account you simply login each time that you visit) and then you start shopping! Then you make a purchase as you usually would online (there are no added charges or hidden extras).  Now the next part is the bit which makes it so exciting, if your purchase was the 25th purchase then you win and  receive the full amount of your item back to a PayPal account, nice and simple.

So as soon as payday rolls around I am going to try it. As their slogan goes ‘If you’re not in, you won’t win!!’. Let me know how you get on!


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