5 Simple Tips For More Natural Family Photos

5 Simple Tips For More Natural Family Photos

Capture the best years of your lives with beautiful family photos. How can you make them more natural?

Photos are a wonderful way to remember all those good times. Whether you’re capturing those first baby steps or grabbing those precious birthday moments on camera, photographs are timeless. Nothing beats looking back at the photos you’ve gathered throughout the years, smiling and remembering how happy everyone was at different moments in your life! However, when the camera comes out, people tend to panic and turn a little bit awkward, so much so that pictures can seem unnatural and forced. Not really something you want to look back on! To keep things looking perfectly natural every time, there are some simple tips you can follow. I’ve teamed up with London family photographer, Nousha, to bring you five simple tips for more natural family photos.

1. Encourage more interaction.
Whether you’re hiring your own professional photographer or you’re dabbling in some good quality shots of your own with a tripod, natural interaction with other family members will make your shot. Forget the camera is there and simply interact as you usually would daily. These kinds of shots show the right emotions and you’ll be able to capture the best natural photographs. Instead of posing for a photo, you’ll get genuine smiles instead of a big, cheesy grin for the camera!

2. Tell a joke.
No, seriously! Think of different ways to make your family laugh. Tell a few inside jokes to your kids, pull a funny face or whisper a silly word in their ear when they least expect it – and don’t forget to snap their reactions! You need to make your family unaware that you’re capturing them and get them out of the mindset where they think they have to pose for a photo. Again, it’s all about the right interaction!

3. Use a natural setting.
Instead of cooping your family up in a room to try and make things seem more natural, pick a nice day and get out in the open. Allow your children to run around and be themselves instead of being stuck in an unnatural environment. Here, you’ll be able to capture the beauty of nature as well as how you and your family react to it.

4. Use an item or do an activity.
Get a family member to interact with something. Perhaps your children have a favourite cuddly toy they usually interact with a lot at home, or maybe a game that keeps them occupied and excited. The best natural shots are those that capture genuine emotions. Whatever makes your family happy should be incorporated into your shots – this will create beautiful memories you can look back on time and time again.

5. Hire a professional.
If you’re looking for a stress-free experience, then a professional photographer is your best option. Some are experts in natural family photos, so can capture the best possible images without you even realising! A photographer can easily make you forget the camera is there and give you some top tips that will enable them to get the most natural shot. They may tell you to focus your attention on one family member or tell one family member to do an action and see how the rest react. Photographers won’t make you do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing; everything they suggest is in order to get a natural shot and not an awkward one!

Follow these top tips for more natural family photos.
Getting the right natural family photos can prove difficult. It may well be something you’ve put off doing because of how much time it would take to get a perfect shot. With these simple tips, you can be well on your way to creating that photo album of perfect memories! Have you tried capturing some great family shots? What is your experience? Let me know in the comments!

This post was in collaboration with Nousha, family photographers based in London. For more information and to see examples of their shots, visit their website: https://www.nousha.co.uk.

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