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Designing our perfect room

I have huge plans for our house. Now we have made the decision to not move and just extend I am in full planning mode. Now due to lack of finances it will be quite some time before we can start to make these changes but I fully believe that it’s never too early to start planning!!

I want to extend our kitchen/family area. Whilst it is already a lovely space we could definitely do with more room and a bigger couch and table. It is the room we spend the most time in as a family. I love that I can be cooking and the children can be playing, watching a film or doing homework and still all be together.

With this in mind, as much as I want this room to be stylish and modern I also need it to be child friendly. I want the kids to be able to relax and have fun without me worrying that they will stain the floors or ruin the couch. It is about making those little tweaks to ensure that we can all enjoy the room.

We currently have laminate flooring and we definitely plan to stick with this. We have found it hard wearing with no marks (even with the girls scooting around on it!) and, unlike wood, is more cost effective and doesn’t need treating. It is perfect for family areas. There are so many different styles to choose from this will be a must for our renovated room.

At the moment we have a material couch and, whilst I love it, it is full of stains and spillages. I do dream of a comfortable light grey soft material corner couch but I know this will not work with my three. So we will definitely be choosing a leather sofa for the foreseeable future!

We have lots of toys in this room and I love this, I want to see my children playing as much as possible. However, I plan to purchase a huge toy chest so I can at least make some attempt to hide them away come the evening time when me and my husband are having some time together.

I would love new appliances including a huge double oven and Smeg fridge – I love the colourful ones and it one of these is definitely top of my wish list! I also plan to have granite worktops which always finish a kitchen off perfectly.

I love bright rooms and we are lucky enough that our kitchen area gets the sun all day. To enhance this light even more I plan on sky lights and bi-folding doors across the whole of the room.

I plan to complete the room with a huge round table, perfect for eating our family meals together with enough extra room to invite family around.

How would you design your perfect room?



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