Thinking of the future and our finances.

The perfect home, does it even exist? Me and my husband have the same conversation every few months pondering about our house plans. Some days I love our home. It is full of memories and milestones, it is the place that we brought both Harri and Alfie home after they were born, the home where we came a family of five. I could honestly tell you a million amazing stories about each room. I feel incredibly lucky. Then there are days when I feel like we are literally falling over each other and I’m screaming that we need more space, something I know will only get worse as our children grow.

I remember buying our current home like it was just yesterday, it was way over our budget and we had many a sleepless night questioning if we were doing the right thing. We trusted our gut and went with it and have never regretted it. Yet, I guess things are different now. We are older, we have three children and we have more responsibilities. So, I have been putting together a list of reasons to stay put and it was fairly easy!

Good Area

It’s always been about location for us. It is so important and, whilst we could definitely afford a bigger house in a less desirable area, we both love where we live. I want to feel safe where we live, I want to be able to let my children play outside without worrying about dangerous roads or dangerous people.

Good Schools

We are lucky enough to live close to some amazing primary schools. The girls attend an outstanding school and academically they are doing really well. I would always be reluctant to move them or have to start the day with a long commute.

Great neighbours

Neighbours are something I think we take for granted. We have some really lovely neighbours who we could always call on if we needed to.

The best of both worlds

We very much live in the country, there are horses pretty much behind our house. Footpaths and lovely parks everywhere we look. Yet we are about 30 minutes drive from 2 beautiful cities, Liverpool and Chester. So I always feel like we have the best of both worlds, the tranquility of the countryside but close enough to the excitement of the city.

Paying off our investment

I love that every year we are paying off more and more of out house so that one day it will be all ours and eventually left to our children. Sun Life have this amazing calculator that helps you see the current value of your home which always makes me feel optimistic about our future.

I am definitely looking forward to the days when our morgage is paid off and we can enjoy our retirement together, which, although it may seem like a long way off just now, it’s good to know we are heading in the right direction financially.

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