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Relieving the chicken pox with Care ViraSoothe

Chicken Pox….they always come when you are least expecting them. I remember discovering some spots on Meme on the morning of her preschool nativity, my husband was on a business trip and I was left to look after a one year old Harri and a very upset spotty Meme.

There are so many products out there claiming to help relieve chicken pox that I always turn to friends and other mothers for advice. There was only one product that they all spoke about which was Care ViraSoothe. I remember very vividly slathering it all over Meme praying it would help relieve her itching and make her a little bit happier, and it honestly did. Of course, I did catch her having a little itch now and again but generally it settled her and she was less irritated.

So, after finding the dreaded spots on Alife a couple of weeks ago, I knew exactly how to treat it. Luckily I was sent some Care ViraSoothe to help us through it. At just 15 months I was dreading this experience with Alfie as, unlike Meme, he was much younger and obviously couldn’t understand that he shouldn’t be scratching. I was particularly worried that he would scratch so much which would then result in scarring.

I therefore used Care ViraSoothe again (it can be used from 6 months) and apart from the fact that he was a little grumpy at times, we had no issues with scratching at all. Obviously there is a possibility that he just wasn’t affected as much by the chicken pox as Meme was but I’m in no doubt that the Care ViraSoothe definitely helped.

Care ViraSoothe is a gel that is clinically proven to cool and soothe the affected areas reducing the urge and thus reducing any potential scarring. I should note that, thankfully, none of my children have been left with any scarring from their chicken pox. I also should add that Harri also suffered with the chicken pox when she was three but with using Care ViraSoothe the process was relatively drama free and I can’t even remember it!! Which always a good sign!

Care Virasoothe relieving chickenpox


I was sent this product to help relieve Alfie’s chickenpox however we discovered ViraSoothe and loved it a long time ago! All opinions are my own. 

7 thoughts on “Relieving the chicken pox with Care ViraSoothe

  1. Oh it’s a year since my three all got chicken pox and this was a life saver for me! It’s awful seeing them so spotty and itchy, its great to have something to ease it for them!

  2. We haven’t had the dreaded pox yet but my daughter has recently started nursery so it’s no doubt a matter of time. Will definitely pick some of this up in preparation!

  3. I used this with Monkey and with Kipper who got it at 8 weeks old! I am sure we will get it again with him as he was so young. I am with you though it always seems to come at the wrong time… like the morning of Monkey’s 4th Birthday party!!

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