Disney Cars - Disney/Pixar - Carbon Racers

Barbie and Cars fun with Debenhams

I loved Barbie when I was younger so it makes me smile watching my girls play the same games with their dolls. Harri expecially loves playing with her Barbies and, having recieved the Barbie Camper van at Christmas, she sometimes disappers into her bedroom for hours.

So, when we had the oppotunity to choose some of the wide range of Barbie toys from Debenhams, my girls were very excited. They both chose the same toy and I actually don’t blame them as it looked like lots of fun. They chose the Barbie – Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat, which includes the Floating Barbie Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat with canopy and “glass bottom”, three puppies, floating raft with cord attached to the boat and themed accessories.

Meme is a huge dolphin fan and already owns a Barbie and dolphin set. Her eyes lit up when she saw the ‘glass’ bottom of the yacht with the picture of a pink dolphin. Whilst there was not a Barbie included in this set there was a life jacket and snorkel set to dress your own Barbie in, ensuring she is all set for some water adventures.

We had such fun with this toy, we made a pretend beach and sea and attached the raft to take the puppies for a ride. The girls played independently and together all afternoon. This toy is a perfect addtition to our Barbie collection and really brought my girls imagination to life.

Barbie Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat at Debenhams


Barbie Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat

Barbie Dolphin Magic Ocean View Boat

We also decided to choose a cars themed toy for us all to play together as a family. Again, Debenhams had such a huge collection including many with 20% discount. We chose the Disney/Pixar Carbon Cars and, whilst it is probably a little old for Alfie to join in, I knew he would enjoy watching the cars go around the track and perhaps even try following them. My husband has such fond memories of playing a similar game when he was younger so he was eager to show the girls how much fun it was.

It was realy easy to put together and, even though we had Alfie trying to get involved, we assembled it pretty fast. The set includes 2 cars, one being the famous Lightening McQueen and the other Francesco Bernoulli, set to race each other around the 4.3 metre racetrack. My girls absolutely loved this – as did my husband. They all got so competitive it was so fun to watch. A perfect family game for all to enjoy – I am pretty sure this one will be coming out at the next family party that we have!!

Disney Cars - Disney/Pixar - Carbon Racers

Disney Cars - Disney/Pixar - Carbon Racers

Debenhams Disney Cars - Disney/Pixar - Carbon Racers

Next time you’re treating your little ones or buying a special birthday gift, check out Debenhams, they have lots to choose from at really good prices!

This post is in collaboration with Debenhams as part of their Half Term Toys campaign. All views and opinions are my own.

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8 thoughts on “Barbie and Cars fun with Debenhams

  1. I was barbie mad as a kid so I would have loved the dolphin set. The Cars track looks fun too though, I bet I’d have trouble keeping my husband off it though. He sometimes needs reminded that toys are for the kids 😉

  2. I never had a barbie as a kid (clearly deprived 😉 ) but we have made up for lost time with my two girls. They are barbie mad and would love the barbie boat. The car track is also a good choice too. We have something similar and it is very popular in our house, they love racing their cars against each other! I never knew Debenhams did toys before I read this post so that’s good to know too!

  3. With my 4 month old girl I wonder what she will get into one day. The boy loves trains and vehicles and everything green… how will she turn out 😂
    What great toys they are, love the cars track, how much fun would that be! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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