My Safest Year Yet

2018 – My Safest Year Yet.

So here we are 2 months in and I have been thinking about the new year goals I have made. My aim or resolution even, is to take better care of myself. As a Mum of three, life is busy and it is so easy to completely forget about myself, so over the last few weeks I have been working hard at ensuring this changes and I make myself a priority.

I definitely think that exercise helps both physically and mentally and, although life is just so busy, I am determined to make time go to the gym, take an exercise class and indulge in some outdoor activities.

My husband is always trying to encourage me to exercise by means of running. He is a big advocate for getting outside and going for a run. He believes as well as clearing your mind it is a great way to keep fit. So I am trying it out. However, I am aware that I need to keep myself safe whilst out running and also at the gym. I am therefore now kitted out with specialised running trainers to ensure I don’t injure myself, I have a high visibility jacket for those dark nights and I make sure I always carry a bottle of water to keep me hydrated.

So, have a little think about your new year resolutions, are you still keeping them and, more importantly, are you keeping yourself safe when doing them? Slater Gordon PI lawyers have recently released an infographic detailing different ways to ensure you keep safe, whatever your resolution is. So check it out and make sure you make 2018 your safest year yet.



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