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Good Customer Service – Is it important?

When I’m choosing where to shop or what restaurants to eat in the most important factors are value for money (I hate being ripped off!) and good customer service.

For me, good customer service is a big deal, it’s huge. I need to be able to trust who I am purchasing from or dealing with. I always remember booking this restaurant for me and my family to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was one of those restaurants that are well known and hard to get a booking for so I booked about 6 months in advance, excited to experience it.

My big night came, we all got dressed up in our best attire and turned up at the restaurant to enjoy our night. However, regardless of the fact we had a table booked we were made to wait for over an hour in a very busy bar without so much of an apology. The time we got seated at our table, I was tired with sore feet from standing and a little grumpy. I’d like to say the night got better but it didn’t, the customer service was terrible and that is all I can remember. The food might have been amazing but, honestly, the poor customer service is the only memory I have.

The same goes with shopping, I need to be sure that if I buy a product and there is an issue that I can contact the customer service team and feel confident that any problems can be solved. I tend to shop online for my food with one of the more higher value shopping brands. I may pay a little more on certain products but the customer service is amazing. They always go out of there way to ensure that any problems are dealt with and the food is always of good quality.

CCSN have recently conducted a survey to find out how people value customer service. Their results are shown in the infographic below and I found myself agreeing with a lot of their research. This is especially true for John Lewis, who can’t be beaten for great customer service!

What are your thoughts? Is customer service important to you?



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9 thoughts on “Good Customer Service – Is it important?

  1. Yes I am with you on customer service. It’s what makes or breaks an experience. If the food isn’t perfect but the service is I think it makes up for it. I worked in customer service based jobs for years so I think it stands out even more to me! Great info graphic. x

  2. I always rate a company on how well they deal with things when they go wrong, as if they deal with it correctly and in a nice way I’m more likely to go back. Sorry this happened to you on your birthday!

  3. Customer Service is so important to me. I hate it when you go out for a meal, which is considered a real treat and you receive awful service. I dont mind waiting if there is an apology and an offer of a coffee or a small token. But when you aren’t told anything then it’s just terrible.

  4. I’m sorry you had such an awful experience for your 30th birthday. I agree on customer service being important, I find it incredibly annoying when you can only contact them via twitter or the phone number takes an FBI agent to find.

  5. I’m the same, it is a big bug bear of mine. It is so easy to get it right and so many people have no inclination to do so and it drives me crazy. What a terrible shame about the meal for your 30th. Mich x

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