Learning about Stem Cells

Stem Cells – do you know much about them? I didn’t either. However, Smart Cells, a cell collection and storage company, are currently trying to raise awareness about the positives of cell collection whilst also trying to discard any negative or confusing worries that people may have.

Smart Cells have put together this really easy to follow infographic to help understand what it’s all about, including facts on the following:

  • What stem cells are
  • Why they are collected at birth
  • How they are collected
  • The difference between cord blood and cord tissue
  • What stem cells can be used for
  • Current research into stem cell use for the future


Having recently had my third child, I found the above really interesting and, if I had know the potential for cord blood, may have researched this further prior to the birth of my children.


Infographic provided by Smart Cells


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