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What I’ve been loving in July

What a month it’s been. It is definitely one of our favourite months with birthdays and the start of the school holidays, not to mention a little adventure to Spain we had booked – July has been a pretty special month.
Here are some of our favourite bits……
Me and my lovely man celebrate our birthdays in July. It is never quite the same when you are older and my birthdays always make me feel a little nostalgic. Another year passed by in the blink of an eye. It always makes me question about where I am in life (a little deep I know!). Although life isn’t always perfect (is it ever?), I can honestly say I am content. Since the arrival of Alfie, I love that my family is complete.
I always remember a scene from Sex and the City Movie when Samantha asks Charlotte how often does she feel happy. Charlotte’s response was every day, not all day but everyday. This is exactly how I feel – I have days where I feel a little blue or a little angry but every day there is always happiness.
School Holidays
School is out!! Hooray!!! We are all in desperate need of a break from the routine of school. I am craving slower mornings, toast in bed, watching television in our pj’s and just seeing where the day takes us. I know the girls will drive me a little crazy at times and it will be a constant juggling act with three little ones but I feel ready for it. Armed with our Summer Bucket list we are going to embrace our time together.
We have just arrived home from a little family holiday to Spain. I was a little apprehensive travelling abroad with a baby and 2 little ones but I am so pleased we did. We have had such a lovely time with our family, watching the cousins play and making memories together. There is just something so special about holidays, drinking in the sun, splashing in the pool, losing all sense of time and normality – it really has been perfect.
Family in Mijas Spain
Alfie’s Bedroom.
We have finally started to make a start on Alfie’s bedroom. It has been on our to do list for quite some time. Alfie is more than ready to move into his own bedroom with him getting a little big for his crib and also being the lightest sleeper. I am hoping he will love his new room and sleep a little better too!
We still have lots to do but it is starting to take shape!
A beach Photo shoot.
We had a little spontaneous evening photo shoot with a local photographer who I am also lucky enough to call my friend. She is amazing and I am so delighted with the pictures. I plan to write a blog post about it showcasing the pictures but, for now, this is one of my favourites:
Whispering Willow Photography
So what a fun July it was. Now I have one full month with my three lovely babies, enjoying our time together before the start of a very emotional September!
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7 thoughts on “What I’ve been loving in July

  1. I am a July baby too, July 5th. So happy birthday! What a lovely month you have had, those photographs are so divine, your family is just beautiful xx #dreamteam

  2. Oh wow the photos from your beach photo-shoot are stunning! I love Charlotte’s quote from SATC too. It’s always good to try and appreciate the happies in each day I think. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful July and I hope that you’re enjoying a great August too. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  3. Oh that beachy photo is just beautiful and I LOVE that Sex in the City quote, it really is so true. I always find birthdays a bit ‘meh’ now I’m older, mostly as they just aren’t as special as when you’re a child/teen etc. I’m determined next year I will make sure I do something special on mine 🙂

    Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved again lovely xx

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