Celebrating our Men

Watching my husband teach Harri to ride her bike without stabilisers made me smile. He has the patience of a saint and we are so lucky to have him. Whilst I am the practical one, he is definitely the fun one and we definitely cherish our weekends with him.

I worry that sometimes he is overshadowed by me. I am very much the main presence in our house – I am the home maker. The person who makes the day to day decisions, the one who wipes the tears away when they fall, the one who feeds them, listens to them read and the one who picks them up from school. When they are poorly or need something they automatically come to me – even when my husband is there in the room – it is habit.

I feel like us Mum’s sometimes get all the credit – it is easy for my children to think that I do everything because, in their eyes, I do. But what my little ones don’t see is their Daddy working incredibly hard behind the scenes giving me this opportunity to be at home with them and, whilst doing so, missing all these little important milestones so I get to witness them. Who works long hours in a stressful job so we get to experience so many different adventures. I honestly feel for my Man who has to listen to ‘I want Mummy’ all of the time because they are so used to me being their comfort blanket.

We are quite simply a team – I couldn’t do it without him. My little ones are incredibly lucky to have a Daddy who will give them the world on plate if he could.

This rings very true of my relationship with my Dad – I see and speak to my Mum much more than I do my Dad, I guess mainly due to habit. However, I feel just as close to my Dad. I have so many memories of my Dad growing up. I remember him buying us sweets and can of pop every Friday when he got paid. I remember after he had been the pub he would come home and chase us – how me and my sisters would giggle. I remember him picking us up from the bus stop after school when he was actually working. I remember him trying to teach me maths (which quite simply was a lost course) and, more recently, I remember the look of love and worry he had on his face when I was in labour with Meme. I know now as a parent myself, I appreciate him even more.

I completely agree with the saying ‘ behind each great man, there is a great woman’ but, in my world, I feel so lucky to say that behind each great Mother is a great Father.

The Ordinary Moments

9 thoughts on “Celebrating our Men

  1. What a lovely post. A very similar situation here in our house, although my husband is very hands on with the kids it’s mainly me that’s here with them and seeing the milestones.

  2. Ah this brought a lump to my throat, your husband sounds a lot like mine – I think we need one of those coping with three children! Your dad too is like mine and I was hopeless at maths as well lol! xx

  3. Such a gorgeous post, this made me get tears in my eyes reading it. Fathers are often overshadowed by the strong women, but they’re always in the background and there if we need them #TheOrdinaryMoments

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