Guest Post – Great Ways To Try Out Your Favourite Perfume

If you would like to try new perfumes without having to pay the hefty price tags, free fragrance samples are the best and most frugal approach.

Whether you would simply like to try out a particular perfume before buying a full bottle or simply want to get free perfume, using those small samples is a smart way to go about it.

How do you find free fragrance samples?

You will be happy to learn that you can use one of several different approaches when it comes to finding those free perfume samples and plenty of locations where you can find them offline and online.

Current Free Fragrance Samples

Using your favourite search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) is the easiest way to find perfume samples.

However, you will quickly learn that this approach is very time consuming and hard since you have to deal with lots of the so called freebies where you first have to answer multiple surveys only to end up finding out that you don’t “qualify”.

If you do your research you will find some current ones or at least they were at the time when this post was being written.

Those fragrances were simply an example of the sort of freebies available to you. However, if you would like a wider variety of fragrances and fragrance brands you need to adopt a different approach.

Here are some current places to get perfume samples via mail:
Versace Dylan Blue Perfume
Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance

Here are some of the methods you can use and places you can go to get some free fragrances.

1. Beauty Product Tester

Beauty product manufacturers need customers to test out their products and offer feedback so that products can be improved upon. Beauty companies use the feedback for product improvement. The brands are in exchange willing to offer consumers products at no cost.

You should thus consider being a member of a beauty product testing panel and you just might get your hands on free perfume samples.

2. Subscription to the Daily Free Samples Offered by All You Magazine

All You is a very popular women magazine with a section on its website where free samples are given out one each day.

The magazine might not give out perfumes every single day, but it does once in a while.

You can simply subscribe to the newsletter or simply bookmark the page and check back once in a while.

3. Checking Fragrance Manufacturer Websites for Samples or Freebies

The next time that you visit your favourite fragrance manufacturer’s website, remember to check whether there is a free sample section since most of them do. It is usually at tab either at the top or the bottom of the home page.

If you don’t find one there, try browsing through the menu searching for a free samples tab.

4. Free Fragrance Samples Via Mail

Getting perfume samples via mail is a highly effective way to get freebies. If you are unable to find the free samples section on the manufacturer’s website, try looking for the company’s physical address or email address.

Write a letter or email to the company explaining how much you love the brand and mention that you are open to trying out more of its products and request for some free samples.

The approach does not always work but it is worth trying out.

5. Freebie Websites

You can find free samples from your favourite perfume brands from Victoria’s Secrets to Gucci on the freebie websites. Our favourite by far is WOW Free Stuff.

6. Social Media

Never count out social media when it comes to finding perfume samples. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be excellent resource for finding free stuff.

Brands love posting discounts, coupons, deals, and even free sample giveaways via their social media pages.

Think about the fragrance brands you love then follow them on social media and be on the lookout for free sample offers.

7. Product Review Websites

Many brands, particularly the smaller ones are in constant need of reviews to boost product visibility and those reviews don’t always have to come from a professional writer. Brands like it when regular people review their products.

8. Local Department Stores

The best place you need to check out when searching for perfume samples is arguably the department store. Nordstrom, Macy’s, and lots of other department stores give out free fragrance samples at the perfume counters.

Simply ask for those free samples.

Even if your local department store does not hold any perfume samples you love, many assistants on the counter are more than willing to decant a bottle and make you a sample.

We also love this infograhpic created by WOW FreeStuff which tells you how to get all the best UK free perfume samples.

How to get perfume samples

The Bottom Line

If you are open to trying out a few different things, you can easily get your hands on free fragrance samples.

Just follow the tips provided here and you will definitely end up with a few new fragrances you can try out.

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