What I have been loving in April

We are days away from a new month and not far from being half way through the year. It is all just racing away, I feel like Christmas wasn’t that long ago, I can remember the birth of my baby still so vividly. The days just go by with the blink of eye. Every weekend I feel so motivated with grand plans to do so much in week and spend my time wisely, but before I know it I am at the end of another week with still a to do list as long as my arm.

Anyway lets talk about April – its been a good one. Here is what I have been loving:


Honestly my beauty regime has gone pretty much out of the window – after establishing a skin care routine last year I have lost my way since having Alfie – my face is just about getting a baby wipe on it each night. I am still using my face cream every morning but never get around to using the night cream. I am so tired I am literally dropping into bed!

I have recently received a package from Lumity – a natural, clean beauty and healthy ageing supplement. I will be reviewing these for a month and I am so excited to get started!



Oh it was nice to see some sunshine this month!! We all had a chance to put our sun dresses on.

summer dress

We have a little holiday booked in July so I am trying to buy some bits for me and the kids each month. I have been a little obsessed with shopping for boys clothes. I picked up this gorgeous little outfit for Alfie’s holidays

Cath Kidston also had so many pretty dresses for the girls I may treat them to a little something special too.


After writing about my girls wanting to play out in the street I have done nothing but think about it. So I decided the best decision was to buy a bench for the front garden so at least I can sit and watch them until I am more comfortable with the idea of them playing alone.

I also bought a lovely print for our study. I picked it up from a lovely little store in Brixham when we stayed in Devon. I need to find a frame for it but it sums my little family up completely. I also love the idea of having a little reminder of our travels.

Life is a journey


Life Lately.

Due to my girls having different school holidays, I have one of girls with me for pretty much the majority of April, which has been lovely. We have been shopping, playing, climbing and pottering and it has been lovely to have no routine and to go at our own pace.

We also had started the month with a little adventure to Devon which was amazing and has definitely gave us a taste to try and embark on a few more little holidays together. We also has a lovely little visit to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic for a concert.

The long weekend was bliss and I have been really enjoying Spring. I have also had the chance to take Alfie to Water Babies which he really liked – we haven’t been to any baby classes yet so it was lovely to try water babies together.

So April was a pretty full and exciting month. Leading us to May and starting with a bank holiday – it doesn’t get much better than that!

How was your April?

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9 thoughts on “What I have been loving in April

  1. I bet that was lovely having some one on one time with your girls (well I know Alfie would have been there too, but you know what I mean!) I can’t wait for summer to arrive and we can live in dresses, my girls are so girly and thats all they want to wear x #LikedandLoved

  2. Hi, it was great to get the sun dresses out even if it was only for one weekend. I’ve not heard of Lumity before. So I will be googling by it #sharingthebloglove

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely. Hopefully over the next few months there’ll be more opportunity for summer dresses and sunshine playing! It’s also always nice to squeeze a holiday into the month! #SharingtheBloglove

  4. I love chilled out months like that and it must have been lovely to have more time with each of your girls separately. I love it when I get to have one to one time with my two. Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved again lovely 🙂

    Stevie x

  5. I’m so excited for the summer to arrive! Well done on the skincare routine – I have to admit that when I had Max all my beauty regimes went out of the window and it was that realisation about 8 months in that made me realise how little I was looking after myself. I’m determined to try harder this time, although I’m sure it’ll slip on more days than I manage to achieve it! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. My April was lovely, my daughter April turned 10 and it was wonderful watching her celebrating with friends after being so shy. I am so proud of how far she has come. We also started work on our garden which was lovely, but have then had a big stint of rain (which we really needed) but put the garden on hold. Actually hoping to get back to it tomorrow now it’s dried up a little. I like the idea of your bench seat! #mg

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