Do you prefer to stay in or go out?

Outdoor adventures or cosy days in….. What do you prefer?

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that me and my family are all about the great outdoors. We love adventures, we love exploring and, most importantly, we love making new memories together as a family.

A perfect day for us is pretty much what we do every weekend. We are all up early (who isn’t with young kids?!) and, whatever the weather,  dressed, a picnic packed, the car piled high (with bikes, scooters and warm clothes) and off we go. Our favourite places to visit include Llandudno, Bodnant Gardens and West Kirby but the list is endless. We stay out all day but it always goes so fast. There is more than often a trip to somewhere warm and cosy for tea and ending the evening on the beach or riding bikes/scooters on a promenade. For us, these are the best days, the days which can sometimes be busy and stressful trying to keep everyone happy but the days that we will all always remember.

Obviously, given a choice between the outdoors or staying in, we would always pick the outdoors. However, after such great adventures, we are all always so glad to come home to chill and to plan our next adventure. The appreciation of our home is so much greater after being blown about and frozen in the great British weather! When we arrive back in the dark, with three tired, grubby but very happy children, it makes me think how lucky we are and makes me value the home insurance we have in place for our family nest.

I know a day will come when me and my husband are driving home from a day out and I will turn to look at my children to discover they’re no longer with us. They will have grown up, left home, raising their own families and I know that I will think back on our weekend adventures, scrolling through the millions of pictures that I will have taken and be so happy that I never wasted a single moment.

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6 thoughts on “Outdoor adventures or cosy days in….. What do you prefer?

  1. We are exactly the same, our weekends are all about getting outdoors and finding our next adventure. I love this time of year when we can be out more and not freezing and wet. Fingers crossed for some sunshine this weekend! Xx

  2. We’re definitely an outdoor family too! I appreciate the weekend so much, as my husband has a long commute so it’s precious time together. Everything is easier somehow when children can have the space to run around and explore new places – I love the warmer weather though, give me a summer picnic over a winter walk any day!

  3. I’d love to say that I’m an up early and out mum but I just love my lie-ins too much! Def home birds and it can be quite hard convincing my lot to go out (today being a classic example…the weather is now very warm here in Malta but hubby’s just returned from a work trip so he’s firmly glued to the sofa!) but that said, we’re so lucky to live literally right by the sea so it’s not hard to at least go out for a hike over the rocks or have a day on the beach.

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