Happy List #17

Happy New Year! My first happy list of 2017 and what a week!

  • Its been Alfie’s first full week in the world and I honestly cant imagine life without him. There is no kind of routine at the moment he is generally sleeping all day and awake all night. The girls are going to bed far too late and my washing is up the wall – seriously we are all looking a little crazy at the moment. However, none of this is important for me at the moment I am just soaking up these early days of Alfie.
  • The girls have welcomed him into our family with ease. Harri, especially is smitten with her new baby brother.
  • We had another surprise arrival this week. My lovely sister who was 36 weeks pregnant this week and due at the end of January all gave us a shock when her waters broke on January 1st! My beautiful nephew Zach was born on 2nd January and he is just perfection. 2 little cousins born 4 days apart, how lovely is that?
  • My husband had to return to work on Friday and I was pretty nervous about looking after 3 children all on my own. However we done ok, we met some friends at soft play so Meme and Harri were entertained and little Alife was as good as gold.

With my husband on paternity leave and the girls still on their Christmas holidays it has been lovely that we have been able to enjoy Alfie’s first week together. Next week with my husband returning to work and the girls back in school..well its going to be hectic but luckily my Mum is coming to stay to help me out.

How has your week been?

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9 thoughts on “Happy List #17

  1. This is such a special week with Alfie home with you. It really is a wonderful time of year to have a baby, where you can all be together and get to know Alfie. Well done for managing on your own and being brave and going to soft play. Enjoy these early days they really are so precious x #HappyDays

  2. I am so happy for you and look at you managing like a star. Congrats on your nephew too, I love seeing my children with their cousins it is a great bond. xx #fortheloveofblog

  3. Having two cousins so close in age is the best! My nephew and Max are 3 weeks apart but 4 days is amazing! It sounds like you’re all settling into life as a 5 really well – your house is totally allowed to be a mess for at least 6 months in my book! I’m in awe that you braved soft play too – it takes a lot for me to do that even without a newborn in tow! #happydays

  4. Ahh that is so lovely that you and your sister had babies 4 days apart! They are going to be the best of friends!! I’m so glad that things are going well, you’re doing amazing! Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog

  5. Wow what an amazing start to your year! How gorgeous that your little man has a cousin to grow up with so closely as well. It sounds like he is settling in nicely. Congratulations to you and welcome to the world baby Alfie! Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam xx

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