My Captured Moment

It has been a tough 2016 so far, I definitely feel like I have been struggling of late with illness, worries and generally life.

I am naturally a positive person and tend to see light in most situations but this week has definitely tested me.

I wanted to find a picture that will lift my heart, that will make me smile. A capture that will cancel out all the upset and sadness of the week.

I think this is the picture, nothing fancy, just taken on my phone, no nice clothes or staged poses but look at the look on Meme’s face as she watches her sister, so much love and so much happiness.

I feel so blessed to have my lovely girls, as long as I have these 2 in my life (and my lovely husband) I know that everything will be ok.



Running in Lavender

12 thoughts on “My Captured Moment

  1. Its a beautiful photo and sometimes its the look on their face thats makes them so much more personal and special than the staged ones x

  2. It is a lovely, natural picture of them both, my favorite sort. A lovely picture. I’m sorry it has not been a great start to the year, I hope things look up and you start to feel better soon. Take care xxx

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